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Song of Crow

What is mastery of Planet Earth, when Earth, communities, and much of what we hold dear, have been destroyed in the process? Creator Crow, a beaky bird, comes down to visit his creation, asking mankind hard questions of what the future will hold for our children in particular, when we have been so careless with the past.


An audience member's review of the play's final performance, illuminates the work precisely: 'Still reeling from seeing Song of Crow last night: a creation myth brought to flesh blood and bone: light and dark, with moments of fear, anxiety, sadness and invoking a kind of miserableness in me only previously provoked by watching a Beckett play - my humanness today is all alive with a sense of storyfulness and craving to keep connected to the non-human world, particularly our crow brethren. Theatre like this is crucial, nay urgent for our times, and the life of our individual & collective cultural imaginations.' (JM-W)

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