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Take Two

This play was a commission from the Ascot Community Environment Network, to bring to the light the plight of the Palestinian people. It was harrowing to research and write, and to understand something of the suffering and injustice that is the base note of human beings in this contested land. The dehumanising of Palestine is how one could describe the world's refusal to open its heart to the heartbreak that is the daily norm; a heartbreak that the United Kingdom has been instrumental in causing. The play was directed by Justin Butcher, who later walked to Palestine from London as a pilgrimage of justice. We brought a distant story into the heart of Ascot and Reading, as a community play. 


Justin's words at the premiere (some of which are quoting the pianist Roger Woodward on Poland), I carry with me in my heart, for courageous artists, creatives and activists everywhere: 'When politicians fail in times of corruption, oppression, tyranny and sloth, it is the calling of the artists to provide leadership. Politicians don’t like that, because artists carry the creed, and politicians don’t understand the creed. In her brave and beautiful play, Jennifer has shown great artistic leadership and our brave and beautiful cast have picked up the baton of that leadership.'

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